Times Trio
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The Times Trio is an elegant, classical trio of flute, violin and cello. The group has been performing in the New York area for over 40 years.Their repertoire is drawn from the works of Vivlaldi, Telemann, J. S. Bach, Mozart, Handel, Haydn, and Lolliet. Members of the Times Trio have performed with: Kansas City Philharmonic, Quebec Symphony, North Carolina Symphony, New Jersey Symphony, Casal's Festival in Puerto Rico, The Waterloo Festival, Bronx Opera, Aspen Music Festival, Joffery Ballet, American Philharmonic, Long Island Philharmonic,and American Renaissance Theater Chamber Ensemble They will add the perfect touch to any affair or concert program.

Sound Clips

  • Jean Joseph Mouret Rondeau(Masterpiece Theatre theme

  • Jean Baptiste Lully-Orange School Music, Frecnh Dances

  • Haydn London Trio #1 Allegro

  • W.A. Mozart Serenade #3 Allegro

  • Telemann e minor Affettuoso